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Mahabharatham in telugu

Mahabharatham 1)Adiparvam 01MBTChapt1 01MBTCHAPT2 01MBTCHAPT3 01MBTCHAPT4 01MBTCHAPT5 01MBTCHAPT6 01MBTCHAPT7 01MBTCHAPT8 2)Sabhaparvam 02MBTChapt201 02MBTChapt202 02MBTChapt203-Sakuni 03MBTChapt301 3)Aranyaparvam 03MBTChapt302 03MBTChapt303 03MBTChapt304 03MBTChapt304B 03MBTChapt305 03MBTChapt305B 03MBTChapt306 03MBTChapt307 04MBTChapt401 4)Viraatparvam 04MBTChapt402 04MBTChapt403 04MBTChapt404 04MBTChapt405 5)Udyogaparvam 05MBTChapt501 05MBTChapt502 05MBTChapt503 05MBTChapt504a 05MBTChapt504b 6)Bheeshmaparvam 06MBTChapt601 06MBTChapt602 06MBTChapt603…
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How VINCI became VINCI?

Governance “Our strategic priority is to push ahead with our international expansion.” : Xavier Huillard, Chairman and CEO Essentials VINCI is a global player in concessions and construction, employing more than 183,000 people in some 100 countries. Concessions VINCI Concessions…
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